About massage

Whether you are new to massage or a veteran, please keep in mind each session is unique. Each time you come for massage the experience is different, your body is different. The purpose of massage is to help facilitate the body’s own natural healing process. A health history intake form is required for new clients. Please address any health concerns with your therapist. After your massage, self-care options will be offered for educational purposes.

TPS offers you the following options by appointment:

30 minutes

$50per session
$50per session
  • Suggested if you’re tight on time or looking for targeted, specific work.
  • Therapeutic massage designed to release tension and work out knots.
    Please address any areas of concern with your therapist.

60 minutes

$75per session
$75per session
  • Therapeutic massage customized to address multiple or chronic areas of tension; ideal for deep work or if you prefer more of a relaxation base.
  • Please address any areas of concern with your therapist.

90 minutes

$100per session
$100per session
  • Designed to blend full-body massage and spending additional time on those areas that need site-specific work.
  • We will work with varying degrees of intensity designed to facilitate the release of knots and provide myofascial release.

To book your massage, please email jennifer@totalperformancesports.com

Chair Massage/Stretching

Total Performance Sports is interested in offering services to best meet client needs. In that interest we are now offering chair massage and sports massage options to our members. These services are in addition to our current Restorative Services of Graston, A.R.T and massage. Jen Noyer our massage therapist will be offering the following additional services.

Chair massage is a great way to provide a quick response to tight muscles as well as promote general relaxation.

  • Seated and fully clothed – no need to even take off your shoes
  • Help to reduce muscle spasm
  • Target trigger point areas to reduce pain
  • Promote muscle relaxation


Sports massage on the table is ideal for those that hate to stretch, but know the benefits from it. Have Jen stretch you as well as provide massage techniques to help promote tissue health.

  • Lying down fully clothed
  • Increase range of motion and mobility
  • Pre-workout –stretch and invigorate the muscles in preparation of your workout
  • Post-workout – help relax and restore the muscles with a combination of massage & facilitated stretching

Sign-up sheets will be maintained at the Front Desk. Sessions are 10 minutes in duration.
Chair massage will be held in the lobby area based upon sign-up sheet.
Sports massage will be held off to the side between the warm-up runway and treadmills.
If you are looking for additional details please speak with Jen directly or e-mail her at: Jennifer@totalperformancesports.com

About your therapist

Jen Noyer is a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist and member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She has practiced professionally for 5 years and benefits from 900 hours of training from the Muscular Therapy Institute/Cortiva Institute. Jen offers myofascial, Swedish, deep-tissue, sports and trigger-point work, blending the different modalities for customized massage designed to address each individual client’s needs and concerns. Jen has taken additional credit hours in orthopedic massage, craniosacral massage, and massage for clients with cancer and is a certified Reiki practitioner. In addition to massage therapy, she is also a certified and practicing yoga teacher, Pilates instructor, and fitness trainer.