• Member Minutes August 2016

    Alyssa Frey Killed It. Alyssa Frey keeps getting better. She competed last month at the USAPL Liberty Games Powerlifting meet in Albany N.Y. She weighed in at 148 pounds and smashed the following lifts: Squat 1: 248 Squat 2: 264 (missed) Squat 3: 264 (PR) Bench 1: 121 Bench 2: 132 Bench 3: 143 (missed)

  • Member Minutes July 2016

    More from Alyssa Frey: Alyssa keeps competing and keep getting better. She is lifting Saturday July 9th at the USAPL Liberty Games Powerlifting meet in Albany New York. Alyssa will be in the 72kg. Open and the Junior Class as well. She’s gonna kill it. Rose Solomon of our Powerlifting Team, her sister, and her

  • Member Minutes June 2016

    Member Minutes: Ponytail Steve Update: Everyone knows about the Ponytail Steve bet right? Well, in case you forgot, Ponytail Steve (PTS from now on) has been training here for a while with his beautiful wife Julie (he’s not so beautiful) and they are both very consistent. Steve works hard and has been on again, off

  • Member Minutes May 2016

    TPS Member Minutes May 2016: Sue Priver just competed in Women’s Powerlifting at the Cincinnati Women’s Pro Am at the legendary Sweatt shop. Here is her report: I had a great experience competing in Cincinnati at the Women’s Powerlifting Pro/Am at the Sweatt Shop on Saturday 4/16. It was organized very well, and everything went

  • Member Minutes April 2016

    Arnold Classic Updates: Zach DiCostanzo lifted in the USAPL Powerlifting meet at the Arnold Classic as did Lodrina Cherne. Zach took 1st place in his class! Lo had a great day as well taking 3rd place. Brittany Diamond and Nick Cambi did well in Strongman but did not advance past Day 1. You can watch

  • Member Minutes March 2016

    Julian Vega of TPS Takes 1st Place at the Northeastern State Weight lifting Championships: You know Julian, he works the front desk at TPS at 5:30 am. He just did his first Weightlifting competition and took first place in his weight class. Here is Julian’s account in his own words: This would be my first

  • Member Minutes: February 2016

    Member Minutes: TPS has a bunch of lifters competing at the Arnold Classic Sports Festival in Powerlifting and Strongman. The Arnold Classic is a weekend long festival that takes place in Columbus Ohio every year and is one of the most prestigious events in the world. They have everything in the fitness field there. There

  • Member Minutes: January 2016

    Member Minutes: January 2016 Lodrina Cherne just killed it again! Here is a recap in her own words: I lifted in the USAPL American Open in Boston on December 5th in the equipped 63kg class. This was my first full power equipped meet where I did a quick five-week training cycle to break in my

  • Member Minutes December 2015

    Powerlifting Stuff: The TPS Method for Powerlifting Team will be competing way out in Western Mass on Sunday December 13th at the RPS Lump of Coal meet. We will give you full results in January. World’s Strongest Granny Jane Stabile of TPS just competed at the RPS Gate City Gauntlet at Crossfit Tuff. Read my

  • Member Minutes: November 2015

    Juan Figueroa of TPS just did his first Strongman contest and here are his words:   Hey Murph, wanted to let you know I won my first USS Strongman competition in the middleweight class over at Seacoast, NH. The name of the competition was “New England Intro to Strongman”. I have to say thank you